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New Exhaust


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Well a couple months ago I decided to cut the tailpipe off the Magnaflow and dumped it before the axle. I loved the sound but it shook the whole truck and gave me some terrible drone. I got used to it but I took my pregnant wife to the doctors and she hated it. She already didn't like the fact that it shook the walls at 4am when i'm getting home or going to work. So she made me change it.


I had a new Borla Pro XS 3" offset in/out muffler sitting in the garage waiting to go on with the turbo install. I also had all the custom hangers, mandrel bent tubing, v-band clamps, y-pipe, and my custom made tip for it. So I set out to get it done one night: I didn't get many pics of it since my phone was about to die and the camera was with my wife, but I will crawl under there sometime and get some of it.

Basically the set-up consists of stainless headers wrapped in black header wrap, cat-less stainless y-pipe (dial 2.5" in, 3" out) with a stainless v-band welded to it, 3" tubing with a v-band welded to it to the Borla, mandrel bent tailpipe the exits before the rear wheel, and a tip that I custom made out of stainless. I tig welded every joint and hanger.


The truck sounds mean in person, and I am sold on Borla now. It has some drone but that is due to my tip and the location of the exit. It did cure the crackle that I had due to not having cats. At idle it is tame but you can tell it's cammed, but off idle it rumbles very nicely.

Here is a vid of it after the install.





This was on my way home from work. Backed off at 90.




Here are a few pics I took of it:






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Sinr98. Man That things sounds MEAN! I love it! Kudos for doing the install yourself also... ive always shyed away from exhaust installs because of all the exhaust leak horror stories ive heard..... But yeah, nice job man! Love the Cluster also.

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