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Could Use A Little Help Please



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  1. 1. 06 2WD or 03 AWD

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ok so some of you know me from a few years back but my 05 BLACK SS got stole from my job few years back and i could NEVER find another Sss in houston for sale..

so i end up buying ANOTHER 95 impala ss lol but about a week ago i found out i have my FIRST baby on the way (im 21) so i end up putting that same impala for sale 2 days ago and sold it last night shakehead.gif


so anyways long story story i need a truck (she has a 06 TBSS 3SS) but i dont feel manly in it lol so i start looking and really just like the black and silver so end up finding a 06 silver with 63k and chrome stocks SUPER CLEAN but they want 18.5k confused2.gif but with this being a hard to find truck i was willing to pay it,, but than i find an 03 SS with 31k all blacked out on 22inch black aftermarket rims for 16 eek.gif now i never really liked how the a/c controls looked in the 03 but for that price ill be giving him a call today...



now this is the problem my 05 was a 2wd so i kinda want another 2wd but the 03 is an AWD..


just wanted to see what you guys think.. my bank is closed today (of course being a sunday) so i have a day to think about what i want to go with.. 1zhelp.gif


just want to know the pro's and con's




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