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2014 Silverado SS Spied? We've got pictures.

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We've got spyshots of what may be the 2014 Silverado SS.






Here's what Chris Doane has to say about the pictures:


Chevy has been very busy testing their new Silverado this week, with a fleet 6-8 prototypes doing numerous test runs. We thought we'd seen most of the prototypes, but then a new one began testing yesterday that caught our eye.


This particular Silverado looks quite a bit sportier than the rest, with large, chrome wheels, and a stance that may suggest this truck was made for speed. Chevy engineers also seem to be guarding this single cab/short box prototype a little closer than the rest.


While the towing mirrors seem an odd choice for a possible "Sport" truck, these may be in place purely for testing purposes. Even with performance vehicles, OEMs will often tow trailers with ballast to put additional stress on the powertrain. This Silverado test group has been spotted using box trailers for that very reason.


We've asked a number of industry sources today about the existence of a Silverado Sport model, and the consensus seems to be "maybe." When asked if "street trucks" were a thing of the past, one competitive intelligence analyst told us rather cryptically, "Don't be so sure."


While we can't say for sure if this is a Silverado Sport, this truck does seem to have a "go fast" look to it. Chevy certainly has a history of making sportier versions of their trucks, and offering an alternative to Ford's Harley Davidson F150 could appeal to GM as well.


In addition to the possible sport model, and the Silverado Extended Cab we shot on Monday, we've also managed to snag some photos of a Silverado 1500 Crew Cab.


Codenamed "K2XC," production of the regular, 2014 Silverado is currently slated to begin in April 2013. The heavy-duty models, codenamed "K2XCZ," will follow in October of 2013. Both will be built at the Flint, MI and Ft. Wayne assembly plants.


So what do you guys think? Does GM have an SS up their sleeve?

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Yeah, an ss with tow mirrors, I really doubt they make another ss for a while. I don't see what's so sporty about it, having chrome rims does not make a truck sporty at all. It sits up higher than my 3/4 ton, and has a typical 2wd stance.

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Very true, but it just looks like a gmt-900 2wd pickup to me. We'll just have to wait and see. :banghead:


Our shooter Chris said this truck looked sportier than the rest. You're right, we'll have to wait and see.

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I have my doubts its an SS... larger wheels hardly proves anything. It may very well be just a test to see how the truck will handle upgraded wheel packages available as OEM options.


The stance doesn't look all that different to me than a box stock RCSB truck... rear end way up in the air.


I hope they do, but don't have a lot of confidence it'll happen, especially at the introduction of a new platform. GM has a tendency to roll out packages like that a few years in, not right out of the gate, as with the TBSS, and last gen SSS.

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Im sure the mirrors are just for testing purposes.


I will not believe that Chevy is making a new SS until I acually see one at a dealership. there have been too many rumors about vehicles GM is supposedly going to make like a 4 door RWD Performance Sedan called the SS, or a New SSS, or a small 2+2 coupe (mini-camaro). Like I said I wont believe it until I actually see one


Now that being said, I hope they do make a new SS. IDK if I will get one (especially if its a RCSB) but Im still hoping

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Not to sure if you guys know yet or not but GM trademarked 'SS' on April 13th and will no longer be an upgraded model.. So its not going to be a upgrade anymore. They are doing the same thing Dodge and SVT did.. its no longer a Dodge Viper, its an SVT Viper. It's going to be considered the modern day Caprice. There is an SS and and SSV I think and their both a 4 door sedan.

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