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Abomination SS

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i was browsing through craigslist and came up this interesting truck:




and here is a lifted SS as well...



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Pretty good price on the lifted one IMHO. Drop it back down and put stock wheels on it and could make a profit...under 60K miles and looks to be in real good shape.


Salvage title though

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Lifted isn't bad. That much lift I don't care for. I'm happy at about 3". My truck has the z83 base suspension and I have a 2.5" level up front and a 1.25" block in the rear. I like how it sits and towing is easier than when stock. I hate when people put about 10 inches of lift on a truck. Makes it unusable. And some people who do that have a tool box in the rear. How do u get to it. U have like 7" of suspension lift. 6" of body lift and then 40"+ tires. But that SS would look better stock or lifted the height of my truck at most


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