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ISS shock question


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My Intimidator is due for shocks. Does anyone know if the length is the same as a regular 1500 or awd SS?


I plan to buy some generic Monroes for the front, air shocks for the rear .




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The ISS's come factory with Tenneco shocks. ISS's have a 1" lower stance. I wouldn't replace them with Monroe's. Replace them with a drop shock like my Belltech Street Performance or new Tennecos.



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Im not disagreeing, but Ive spoken with 2 dealership owners (1 is my boss, the other a member) and they said the suspension was the same as every other SS truck....however wikipedia says the Teneco shocks and 2 stage leaf springs create a lower 1" stance like BadAss said and they also have stiffer front stabalizer bar.

I would honestly speak to your dealership and get part numbers. Ive brought this question up twice as I would like a 1 inch drop on my truck. If you happen to come across part numbers on the front suspension from the dealer please let me know, Id like to order a set if it is a true lower stance but I dont have VIN for an 06.

Good luck!

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