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New-to-me Car


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Sold the C5Z06 back in March so I got another toy to play with. I sold the car to get a C6Z06 but decided to go with a 2011 Shelby GT500 since I have a kid. It's got lots of power(550hp) and can seat 4 people so it's better for now. I thought hard about buying Krambo's SS but I can't seem to sell my house and my garage isn't long enough for a SS and my current truck got keyed. Anyways the car is loaded with the SVTPP and electronics package with navy. First owner only put 3,800 miles and added a set of pypes axle-backs so it gets loud when you stomp the gas but I like it. Here are a few pics I taken














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Very nice car. So tempting to go get that new 2013 with 650 hp


Yeah I thought about one of those but this is my first Ford so I went with it's little brother lol. Plus most dealers wanted an "admin" fee of $5K or more. I know some guys on the SVT site got them for sticker or less.

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Sorry guys I'm not GM nut hugger. I like all fast cars/trucks and this was the best option for me. I really wanted to get a newer C6Z06 but I've got a 5 year old and need more room. I did think about a newer CTS-V but couldn't find the one I wanted. I've never had a ford before but I do like the Shelby GT500's. It's hard not to like a 550hp car lol. Traction is a problem but that's to be expected. After my warranty runs out, I plan to do a few mods but nothing major. I loved my SS but she was getting high in the milage and half of those were supercharged, plus it takes a lot of $$$$$ to make them fast. To go faster I would have had to invest thousands more to get a built trans to handle the HP.

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Nice car man, i have loved the new mustangs since they came out with that new style back whenever it was, 2003 i think. The new 1's are even more gnarly.


Hope she works out well for ya.

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Congrats on the new car, its all about what you like, not others.

I was also highly interested in the same SS you were but multiple surgeries needed and just too tough to work something out right now.

Congrats man!

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