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Could it be?


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I was looking at locking diffs and came across this video. I do not think its a Fastlane as they add the SS emblems. It shows some Gm or Chevy paperwork also in the window.


So what do you guys and gals think?


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It's probably fast lane, there's a few things on it that GM would never ever sell as a production vehicle, and they definitely wouldn't bring out an SS right at the end of the nnbs life span. That paperwork in the window isn't actually by Chevy.



Also this video is someone filming a video already playing on YouTube off of their phone. Wtf?

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lol that has fast lane written all over it. gm would never release the SS now the NNBS trucks are about to be over. and why would GM release there "new" concept truck on youtube

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Thank you Bob for the clarification. With the news the owners of the site brought forth (possible spy pics of a SS 2014 model) and this video being relatively new on youtube, I thought something was up their sleeve even though the nnbs are just about over with. Was thinking they might be testing a motor, or maybe a new front diff.

I really didnt think it was Fastlane at all, even though it has the similar exteriors.

We will all see soon, considering what one member said the other day about a new SS truck being painted...

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