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LQ9 radix


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I thought the radix added 30-60% more hp so the minimum gain is around 100 hp i believe


This is a good read i even think its talking about our trucks


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Depends on size of the engine and size of pulley. The mp112 works best on the 4.8L and 5.3L. A 6.0L will only get about 8psi on a 2.8" pulley. You can get even more boost if you run a 90mm or 102mm tb. More power, more boost and reduced IATs could be harnessed with a 1/2" phenolic spacer as well.

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mine cranks out 9- 9.5 PSI on the 2.8. my truck has a 100% stock internal engine as well and it ran 12.411 full weight. not sure of the power numbers tho my mod list is in my signature. i will say your tuner makes a bigggg impact on how your truck will run when you go with any blower so choose wisely

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