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patriot performance really knows how to piss someone off


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Well i bought a set of patriots stage 3 ls6 heads for the truck and ran then for a bout a week and had a problem.. the guide had somehow came loose in the head and u could spin it around and around... well i called and they had me send it out to them and said they would warrenty it and itll be about 3 days bf i get it .. well its been 3 MONTHS and i finally get a call thismorning saying patriot sold there company and my head is just siiting and do they want me to wait for the new owners and see what they do about it or send it back to me and go from there...... wtf kinda service is that.. sad to say but they will be seeing me face to face nxt week even tho im 300 miles away

Im getting screwed everytime i turn around its like a never ending thing

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Yeah not to mention tlshe said i can send u the bare head and i said ummm no i sent a conplete head she was like well im sry i cant find the other stuff so im like wtf right now but ima be driving my happy ass up there nxt week and we gonna solve this problem real fast

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