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I got tow mirrors, can you see the beauty in them?

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OK, I've always loved these big mirrors.... epically when they are smoothed out and painted to match.

they always look good on big lifted 8 lug trucks. but I thought Id try a pair.

I'm really trying to like the way they look.... but idk if I can do it.

I have 10 more days to decide, that way I can get my money back if i say "no way"


what do you think If I had them smoothed and painted?..... YEAH? or NO?

also I thought, maybe there might be a way to cut a inch or so off the arm to suck them in a lil bit... might make em look better.. they don't have to extend.. i don't care about that

I will say this tho, its Sooo nice driving and being able to see that much!!!

can anyone see the beauty in these, if they are painted to match?

or even 2 tone like my hood? gloss black and blue...??




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Makes your truck look like dumbo, in a sexy blue kinda way. Not feeling it.... I've got a set of smooth clip on tow mirrors I use to tow my camper, there not as big as what you have but still look silly. I'll post a pic if I can find one, if not i'll put them on and make one.

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