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The Man/Woman behind the SS


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So I saw this on another forum and thought it would be a good idea here. There are plenty of posts about hobbies, other vehicles, pets, jobs etc… But no thread where you can actually tell everyone about yourself. This would be a good opportunity to get to know everyone a little better. I have been on this site for 6 years and I feel like I hardly know anyone.


Post Pictures of Yourself and tell us a little more about yourself, hobbies, significant others, kids, pets, careers, other vehicles and anything else you want to share about yourself. You can also come back and make updates if events in your life change.


Either this thread is going to die quick or go on forever.




I’ll start. My Name is Daniel I am currently 28 years old and I live in Klamath Falls Oregon. I was born here and lived most of my life here. I moved away for a couple years but came back. It’s a small town with less than 50k people. This is where my family is and I love how close I am to the great outdoors. I was married in August of 2011 to my beautiful wife Jessica. I own a tiny 760sqft house that needs a ton of work, but I don’t owe anything on it and every penny I spend on it is just more its going to be worth when I sell it in the future. Much of my free time outside of work is spent working on my house.


Here is an older pic of us when we were living in Arizona.




I am currently working for a large window and door manufacturer where I am and Environmental Manager. I have a BS in Business Management for Oregon Tech which is a small college in my home town. My Wife is currently a full time student where she is studying to become an accountant at Oregon Tech as well. I don’t have any kids but we may think about it after my wife is done with school.


I have 2 dogs Bella a 3 year Old Bullmastiff and Riley a less than year old Black Lab




I am a huge College Football fan especially the Oregon Ducks, and I have been going to games for almost 20 years. My family has season ticket and there is nothing I enjoy more.




I also love to Hunt Deer and Elk, Fish, Snowboard (but it’s been a while), Golf (also been a while), Camping, Riding Quads, and detailing cars. I also shoot competitive Clay Targets (Sporting Clays, Trap, Skeet), I have not been to an actual competitive shoot in a while but I practice every once in a while, and I’m trying to get back into it. I currently have 7 guns, 3 of which are my competitive shotguns. One of my favorite things to do is taking my Dads Chevelle to the local cruise. He and I spent a ton of time restoring it when I was younger and I love driving around old school GM Muscle. I also have a 1969 project truck my dad and I are going to restore; I can’t wait till it’s done so I can drive it around.




Of Course I have my 05 SS but I also have an 03 Z71 Tahoe, and my wife now drives a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT.






The 1500HD





The Legacy GT




The 69 C/20 pickup




My Dads Chevelle




View of my Hometown


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Ok guys my name is Jose Javier Silva .. I am 24 Years old and have been on the site maybe a couple of years.. I was born and raised in Denver CO and currently live here.. My parents are from Mexico, my mom came when she was 2 and now teaches 1st grade and my father came when he was 15 and has been at The Coca-Cola Company for 22 years..


I am an insurance adjuster for Liberty Mutual.. ( claims, property damage etc ) I have one son that I love more than anything! His name is Gianni Javier Silva, I am not with his mother but I am super involved and I have him every weekend.. I live in Thornton CO which is a suburb of Denver CO. I graduated from highschool in 2006


me and my son being funny.. we're huge Bronco fans so my son wears his helmet everywhere.



my son drying the SS





As far as my hobbies go.. I am a huge sports guy, I grew up playing pretty much every sport.. I play in flag football leagues, basketball, and softball leagues.. Also on the side I am a barber on the side.. tapers, fades and I can even do designs... I am a hometown guy so I root for my BRONCOS, NUGGETS, ROCKIES AND RAPIDS. I also love going to Mexico, recently it is super dangerous but was there every summer growing up..


Me at one of my football games





Denver with some snow!



finally my SS


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I like this idea it should get pinned... Any who my name is Nick i am 21 years old. I currently lice in St. Louis MO, but my hometown is Imperial MO. I am currently going to Maryville University for a BA in criminal justice. My profession as of right now is retail not the best thing ever but it pays some bills, i work at Gordmans. I currently do not have any more cars, but my previous car was a 2004 Ford Mustang. I love my hometown because its a small town environment and my whole family lives there except for one family, I currently have two turtles, two dogs, and four cats. I have a wiener dog name Toots and a Begal Terrier mix name Mitzysue, then the four cats I don't know the breeds but the names are Twik my cat and then Tiger, Putty, Sophie. My hobbies are bowling and working on the SS.


My Truck




Tiger and Putty



ill add other pics later

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My name is Mike Im 32, I live In Loves park Il which borders Rockford. I Got married last year on July 9th 2011 to my wife who I have been with for 11 years (will be 12 this November). I currently work for the Loves park Fire department since March of 2010. Its always been a life long dream of mine since i was little and could talk. I had a accident playing basketball in March of 96 that led me to lose my Right eye. The bolt from the backboard that holds one of the springs broke and hit me in the eye. I was always told after that, that I would never be able to become a Firefighter, fly a plane, and the list goes on. I had enough of that, and decided to give it a shot, and glad I did. Its the most rewarding job and would do it for free without a thought.


I am big into cars and modifying them,I couldnt even leave my riding lawnmower alone lol. I started tinkering with them when I was 18 after I bought my 69 camaro by taking the motor apart, putting it back together and seeing if it would run.


Currently My wife and I are looking to move back towards the suburbs of Huntly or there around to be closer to family.


My 04 Silverado SS that i bought new.




After she got totalled this last january.




My new 03.




My other toys I sold.


1970 Camaro with a 496 BBC stroker.





1991 Camaro Z28 with a 406 Stroker.






1992 Camaro Z28 All original 32,000 Miles




2000 Camaro SS bought new, still have it.





1969 Camaro SS





2001 Corvette Z06





2002 GSXR 1000




Wifes TBSS.




Wife and I




Me working on a Apartment Fire and General Dollar this summer.




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Hello my name is Shawn Im 27, Currently live in Billings Mt, Im originally from Kansas city Mo. Ive been happily married for 4 years but been together for a little over 9yrs. no kids yet but one on they way and Im super stoked we can't wait. I have 2 pups a male american bulldog and a female olde english bulldog. I'm a warehouse manager for Ashley furniture 5 years ago i never thought i'd be working at a furniture store. but i can't complain great pay and i work indoors out of the weather here in Montana. I have had a ton of vehicles over the years. But i normally only keep a vehicle less than a year and its on to the next one. I loose interest in vehicles fast. vut the 2 vehicles I just can't get rid of is my first car that i bought on my own at 14 years old i didn't even had my drivers license yet. it is a 1982 Camaro i have owed it for 13 years. then the SS is the other vehicle i just can't bring myself letting it go. my wife has even told me many times she will never let me sell it because we have way to much into it and we would never break even. well anyways thats the basic about me.



heres the truck a few months after i got it. oh how ugly it was.




then i lowered it




it has went through a few changes over the last few years.



here i am with one of our pups.




me and the wifey


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Well i've been married for (3) years now and Currently have a Plethora of SS vehicles. We sold our SSTB and looking to purchase another. Iv'e been working on cars, truck, boats my whole life but just as a bobbie. Worked in a machine shop for a few years basically doing valve jobs and balancing and so forth. And helped build some badass 1000hp plus engines, alcohol, blown, n/a and mainly boat engines. Became pretty handy with head/intake porting and welding but couldn't trust myself enough to do it for somebody else. I work in the HVACR field for a Very Large company since 2002(same year i graduated). Currently 120,000 employees strong and i am #14 out of that 120,000. Pretty cool eh? But It's a long story. My wife who's my best friend in every way was diagnosed with MS last November. Resulting with having to sell her 05 GSXR. We had matching one's! (sick i know) Since she felt horrible after having to sell it we went and ordered her a 12' ss/rs fully loaded camaro LS3. Oh yea she's a 6-speed girl! She's a full-time student at Morgan State and will have her masters degree in Architecture by spring of 2014. I'm shooting for my masters in late 2013 for MD, Delaware and Virginia. Would be earlier but my schedule does not allow it at this time. And I would rather post more personal info on here than Facebook! It's just trouble waiting to happen. Oh and i have a new sister. Yea 28 yrs apart! Crazier things have happened I suppose! But here are a few pics which I may need some help from my Forum Friends on how the heck do you guys post those bigs pics and NOT upside down with out being a supporting member?? Darn thing wouldn't rotate ? hit me up let me know lol well here they are








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