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almost everything i own is lost in hurricane

ted gerlach

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i was able to get out with my 3 sons and all with backpacks full of cloathing the night the storm surge came, everything in house and all cars are a total loss, that is all except 1 the silverado ss was put in an inside storage locker 5 miles inland and thats the only vehicle that made it .

whats a total loss with no flood insurance,

96 custom impala ss, 72 monte carlo full ground up resto, 63 inpala ss in process of being redone, my dads highschool car in my garage 56 ford victoria, 92 camaro

only 2 had flood, 08 yukon denali xl. was wifes ride and my 96 k2500 suburban both had 4 feet of water in them,

as far as the house goes we shall see when fema shows up but whatever is still good i need to get out since i can live in the house so any help would be appreciated to move everything to a storage locker,

address 576 george road toms river new jersey

cell 1-732-330-5508

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Wow that's horrible but more importantly the family is safe. Toms river I think is about 1.75 hours maybe 2 hrs north of me. Wish I could be of more help. Hope all gets cleared up for you soon! And good to see your SSS made it through. Corrected 186 miles and 3 hrs 41 mins.

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this storm was terrible. my moms house is 15 min outside Atlantic City and 15 outside Ocean City, where i grew up. Her house was fine (on high ground, farmland) but everyone i went to school with have no power and houses are still under water. I feel horrible that i cant go home and help. If i was still in NJ not on orders id be up there to lend ya a hand. Sorry to hear and good luck with everything...

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That is terrible news, thank God you and your family are safe, it could have been worse but I'm sure you've heard that enough.


You are a solid 2.5-3hrs away but I might be able to get away one weekend (can't be this weekend I'm working sat/sun). If you let us know in advance we might be able to wrangle up some other folks in the area and help you haul stuff in/out or whatever you need.

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