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HELP! Truck Randomly shutting off


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A few days ago while driving down the street I noticed my truck had just completely shut down, no rpms, no gas, enginehad completely came to a stop, but yet the radio and ect. still continuedto run, I thought it may have just been a freak accident, so I let it go, but recently it has been happening about once a day, It has one it while I've been driving 20 mpg, Starting to accel, and also while coming to a stop, No warning lights, no check engine light, nothing.. I need help, I just don't have any idea on what it could be, or where toeven begin looking, anybody that thinks they can help, Thanks in advance.


Thanks- Kyle

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It can also be either a cam or crank position sensor. You will have the same symptoms of the engine shutting off as the sensor cannot find the position of either the crank or the cam. My buddys truck did this and it only got worse. Turned out it was the cam sensor.


You need to find out which problem you have.

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I am having this issue with my 03 SSS runing fine until warm and then spits and sputters till finally stalling but started as just a shut down like i turned the key off while driving and has progressively gotten worse. Only thing is im not getting a check engine light when this happens.

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