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Not really a conern, but curious

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Kinda bored, and we've had lots of snow and ive noticed something about the AWD on my truck.


wheels turned straight all 4 tires spin as they should, no 1 wheel or 2 wheel wonder crap.


Turn the wheel to the right 4 wheels turn, and left front after it spins for a sec stops turning and inside right tire spins making only 3 tires turning until i straighten'ish out the wheel. Slight right turn it works, hard right, forget it, left front isnt gonna spin.


Maybe thats whats its supposed to do. It sure makes for run brodys, as the truck whips around real fast with the inside tire ( right front ) and posi and the rear working as it should.


Is this normal?



The reason i ask is.


If i do the opposite turn the wheel to the left, all 4 wheels will spin, and basically the right front never disengages.... making brodys much more difficult.


In a nutshel, hard right 3 wheels pretty much turn with an occasional left front tire engagement until i straighten the wheel out some


Hard left, all 4 tires spin, and pretty much stays that way.


Curious as to if this is normal, if its not, what SHOULD the front diff be doing?

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