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WTB ss single cab clone!! ASAP


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I got a good offer for my SS and now I'm in search of a single cab ss. Dont want to sell mine before I get a single cab ss, and the buyer wants mine like now so I need one asap. If anybody has one or knows of one theyd sell let me know. Dont mind if its modded and dont mind if I have to travel to get it (as long as it isnt too far away)

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i love my JGP truck, not crazy about the space but its a great truck. i would have no reason not to consider it just as nice as the SS would be normally, and its certainly faster lol. i like the reg cab look better too IMO, and how it drives :burnout:

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I like the look of single cabs also but the way my seat is now it would be very uncomfortable in a single cab my seat is all the way back and slanted almost all the way back

i will give you that... my seat in the JGP is way different position than the SSS. my seat is all the way back in both trucks, (bottom, not holding myself up with steering wheel... :lol: ) and its not great in the RCSB

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