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4.8 vs 5.3

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I've been searching for a year or so now to find the perfect truck to hopefully one day start a rcsb, I was dead set on finding a 5.3Lengine in a single cab either black or white, with all the options possible, and let me tell you, they don't pop up often. Anyways the other day I was looking at a local dealer here in town and they had my truck, 05, black, almost every option I was looking for, but one issue, it was only a 4.8, so I got to looking up the specs on the motors, and I couldn't believe that its said the 5.3 was only making (give or take) 25 more hp than the 4.8, so my question here is, is there really that big of a gain with getting the 5.3, I've heard that the 4.8's hold up great to turbos and really show a huge gain, Im just looking for someone who has any info on either motor.


Thanks- Kyle

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The main difference in the 4.8 vs the 5.3 is the torque. The 5.3 has quite a bit more torque than the 4.8 which is always good when moving these heavy trucks around. It depends on what your goals are. If you're going to stay NA I would wait out for a 5.3 or swap a 6.0 in it. If you're gonna go FI then I say the 4.8 would work pretty well.

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