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DRL and Parking Lamp Help (searched)


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okay guys, I've looked all over on the net and cant find a solid answer for this.. Is it possible to have my parking lamps on AS my DRLs. I see a lot of people disable their DRLS and just wiring them with the parking but I want it reversed. I would like my turn signal/corner markers on when my DRLs come on. Is this done the same way as the 4-High. just run a Diode from the 85pin on the DRL relay to the 85pin on the parking lamp relay? Will my tails come on as well? (I have smoked tails so if so that would be nice)

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wouldt it be the same thing if you turned on the park lights when the drls are on. i have amber drls and when they are on at dusk i will switch park lights on so whole bottom light is lit up. do the drls stay off at night when lights are on? i dont remember off top of head? if so i would think that would make the park lights want to stay off like the drls if thats the case.

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