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Bought, Sold and Rebought or 2nd Time owners


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I am a recent return to the forum and posted my story about how I sold my truck and then bought it back 2 and a half years later (The One that Got Away in My New Truck).


I was actually really surprised how many people posted about how they had sold their SSS and bought it back again. So I'm just curious, how many people have sold their SS and then tracked it down and bought the specific one back again? What about 2nd time owners; has anyone sold their SSS and then bought another one but not necessarily the same VIN? For the 2nd timers who have bought a different SS, who went from AWD to RWD or vise versa? One of my favourite aspects of my truck is that AWD system, nothing like it and I love it. My father in law had a C3 extended cab and I had my SSS and although they are both AWD the SS felt much more connected and could be driven much more aggressively.


Even if GM came out with another SS (or sport truck), althought it might be faster it wont feel as pure. New trucks and cars just don't feel like hot rods anymore, there is too many sensors and computer controlled aspects of the machine now. Sometimes I think it wouldn't be that hard to connect my Xbox controller to my 2011 Sierra and just control the throttle and steering sensors with my thumbs....


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