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More trim removal issues

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So i posted last week about the issues i had when debadging and removing the plastic trim on my HD



Well i left the plastic door trim on the drivers side for a week before i decided to remove it. Well when I removed it I noticed a nice dent on the door under where the trim was, and I must have scratched the paint when removing it as well because the door has a bunch of nice deep scratches on it.


IDk how I got those scratches because i used the same exact technique to remove the trim as I did on the other side, and the same as i have always done when removing badges.


So now I have to decide what im going to do to get them fixed. The body shop quoted me like $900 to fix both passenger side doors, now I need to fix the driver side doors. UGH! I should have just left it alone. Doing the line-x on the lower panels seems like a better idea more and more now, but i would still have to get the dent fixed.




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i would contact a paintless dent company like dent wizard or some thing. i could have a guy that comes in our dealer every week fix that dent for $50 cash

That is an awesome option. No brainer in my book, in combo with the rhino.

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Yeah I will look into easy dent removal. I keep going back and forth on the rhino lining. I think it will look better without it, but on the other hand Im trying to make this truck more of a truck truck and the rhino lining would be awesome and will protect the rest of the paint for chips and scratches.


If it was not so expensive i would not mind doing an entire vehicle in the rhino line. That was my original plan for a bronco or blazer before i got the HD

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You know what could cover those dents and scratches....?



CLADDING!! :jester:


I have always dreamed of having an HD with the SS bumpers and cladding. I think it would be so badass, but its just not in the cards right now.


Rhino line the entire truck I've seen people do it around my area and it looks pretty bad ass IMO. Never have to worry about a scratch.


I have definitely thought about it. It would make life so much simpler, The rest of the truck is covered in scratched that were poorly touched up. The company said they would charge me $650 to line the bottom and I bet it would be a couple grand to do the entire truck.

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