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How many are left?


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I just recently got back into a silverado ss and am shocked at how many people part them out. I realize that sometimes accidents happen, but it jus seems like they're being picked apart. I am wondering, anyone know total production on all silverado ss's was? I know it was around 9000 for 2003 but how many are left? I would think maybe that only 70% remain?


Any thoughts? Has this been discussed before and I just missed the party?

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Production numbers after 2004 are not really known, and they are quite vague for the 2004 model year in a sense. The only complete production numbers known are for the 2003 model year, and for the 2006 Intimidator SS's.......

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^^ THIS. 2003 was tracked pretty heavily and after that, GM got lazy. Haha. I know only 1,103 arrival blues were built in 03. That's pretty good seeing that there were only 933 ISSs built. 03 in blue is pretty rare. :jester:



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