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CK913 GM Factory 22" Wheels


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Ive been on the search for a set of new rims and havent had much luck finding a set i liked. Ever since another member posted pics of his new billet wheels, it gave me an idea of what i wanted. Ive been looking here and there, and stumbled upon these. Figured id get your opinion. Ive never seen these wheels in person, but they are almost identical to the billet specialties wheels i was looking for, only im sure they weight 3X as much. Anyway, they were a GM factory 22" wheel upgrade, Part # CK913. Take a look and tell me what ya think. Will they look as clean on an SS as they do on a Tahoe? Or should i go with a set of Boss wheels like the last pic? Opinions?

Billet specialties...



CK913... They even have a bowtie on the center caps.







Or the Boss 313s


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Ill have to look into BBS. Thanks guys. I love the split spoke style and its something different. Ill keep shopping around and maybe ill come across a good deal. The CK913 are only $1200 new in box. So about $2200 all said in done, wrapped in new Nittos. So thats not too bad.

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Not finding any 6 lug BBS wheels. A lot of their wheel are split spoke, but they are for 4 lug imports or 5lug sport cars. Do you know of any 6lug BBS models that fit our trucks?

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Theses GM wheels are the ones i originally wanted to run, but the billets popped up and where a similar style so i jumped on those.



Haha theres the man with my dream wheels. Lol.. Yeah i like the GM wheels in that pic too.. Thanks for the input guys.

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