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The PCMFORLESS tune adds about 32 HP. This has been dyno proven by Bryan. He has a 2004 SS and dynoed it before and after his tune. Like I said earlier, its not just the additional HP, but the shifting and overall driveability are worth the price alone.


I did not keep a 2nd PCM, Bryan tuned mine right in my truck. It was the best money I spent on any mod to date.


If you want him to tune you for a CAI and Exhaust ,...he will. If you only want to do CAI, he can do that too. Give him a call and he will be a big help.


If you want to keep your original PCM, he can supply you with a new one for the custom tune too.



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There is a thread on here about a guy who bought the kit, it was incomplete and didnt really fit at all. The ram air peice was clogged by the hood liner and didnt match up to the radiator mounts. Vara Ram ended up sending him a bunch of parts to get it straightened out, but I havent heard anything since. I think that if I could do it again, I would wait untill Volant gets there box straightened out and go from there... OR I would just buy the biggest conical air filter from K&N and just stick it on the MAF and call it a day(the cheapest way).

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