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Lumina SS


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Chevrolet has always put out some good products here in the U.S. but have you seen what they do overseas? I have been to Saudi Arabia twice and Chevrolet's over there are totally different. They have the Lumina SS and the Caprice SS both stuffed with the 5.3 putting out over 320 HP :driving: ! Could you imagine how much fun it would be to bring a Lumina SS here :flag: . Try this link, hopefully I got it right. Chris :P



Chevy in middle east



Upon further review I have discovered that the Lumina SS is basically a Holden. However the Caprice SS is a nice car.

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If you want the Lumina SS Coupe...just go and buy a new GTO


Look at the interior of the Lyumina and them look at this.....




:withstupid: I didn't know they even kept the lumina and caprice name alive anymore. Their lumina looks nothing like the luminas over here. Caprice looks pretty good actually, the interior looks nice too. The caprice royale edition is pretty wicked. They should sell those over here instead of the impala

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Maybe they get all the cool V8's over there because GM doesnt think americans will buy high horsepower vehicles, although everything chrysler is selling comes with a optional HEMI. and they sell like crazy, I wish I could get in the minds of some of the people at GM.

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It's my understanding that the manufacturers here in the states have an overall MPG amount they must reach for vehicles sold in the U.S. In other words if the EPA says all your vehicles must average of 20 MPG then that makes it difficult to put out these V-8's unless they counteract them with a high milage car like a hybrid. I am guessing that these MPG numbers are getting higher every year. I would also assume that do not have to worry about this overseas with every other car putting out some ponies. :driving:

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