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Oil Pressure Issues


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Need some help on this one, hopefully you guys have the answer to this.


Over the past week I've had this problem 3 times where I've started my truck and the oil pressure is at 0. I've noticed at pattern in the three times its done this, they have all been on hot starts. When I cold start in the morning or after work everything is fine. But if I'm driving, stop for a minute, and get back in the pressure is at zero.


All three times I have shut the truck off and restarted it a couple of times and the pressure will very slowly build back up to around 25-30 lbs which is lower than normal. I've ruled out the stepper motor because I've replaced that before and have noticed differences (goes back to 0 when I shut it off, truck is chiming at me).


I'm hoping this is just the sending unit, what do you guys think?

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^^^ I would do that to rule it out. If that doesn't fix it, I would swap the filter and go ahead and do an oil change....if that doesnt, I would be looking at the oil pump and get one of the updated o-rings. When I swapped the LS6 into my truck I couldn't get any oil psi bc of one of those old style not sealing up.

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