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OBX Longtubes?

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I have them and like them, install was easy enough, no need to modify anything to get them to bolt up. The only knock against them is that they have the hump that can hit the spark plug wires unless you tie them out of the way.


They also have what looks like an EGR port on one of the headers, I had to buy a block-off plate for it, would have been nice if it was included.


As for sound differences between headers, they'll all sound the same, unless they come with cats, those will be a little quieter.

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I've been running them for a couple of years without issues. Although they did fit right out of the box, the driver side ran very close to the front driveshaft yoke and on hard turns could get enough chassis twist to make contact, so I reshaped them (beat them) to get more clearance in that area. Also as mentioned above you do need to tie back the #5 spark plug wire to keep it from touching the hump. I picked the OBX over the cheaper pacesetters is 1. I live in a snow state with road salt and was concerned that the mild steel wouldn't hold up and 2. because they included the mid-pipes so no additional cost to finish the connections to the muffler. But if you live further south plenty of folks have been very satisfied with the pacesetters. I also don't think the brand of header makes much difference in the sound at the end of the tailpipe, that deals more with cats, resonators, cross-over pipes, mufflers

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They're pretty good for the price. The hump is a pita for changing spark plugs though. The wires were easy enough to fix. Just made 2 custom ones. No biggie





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