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Bucking in Cruise Control


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Yesterday I set my cruise control to 40 mph on a stretch of highway notorious for speed traps. I don't recall every setting it that low before. Almost immediately the truck started to buck and jerk, almost like it was coming in and out of gear. It settled down when the throttle came back in but started jerking again as soon as it came off throttle. Today I got on another long straight stretch and tried various speed settings. The truck had the same reaction at any speed above 35 mph. At 60 mph it felt and sounded like something was about to come apart. The bucking/jerking is triggered when it comes off throttle. I can push the gas pedal and it will settle down or use the cruise control controls to add speed. As long as increased fueling is being commanded it seems OK. It should be noted that there are no issues when not using cruise control, it runs fine. Anyone ever heard of or experienced this?

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cadowns - truck is tuned and has a cam and custom exhaust. Converter seems fine as it drives great as long as cruise is not being used.

EXGM - No CELs, not even any soft codes according to my scanner. Would the throttle body cause issues only in cruise?

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