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ZO6 Brake pads pro's & con's


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Finally scored some front ZO6 calipers so I'm ordering pads & rotors this week I know what rotors to get started looking for pads and there's not much info on what works best when mounted to these heavy trucks.

So far from what of read the one piece pads would prevent you from losing a single padlet if one was to wear quicker then the others causing it to possibly fall out of the caliper along with a piston leaking brake fluid everywhere not sure how many miles before this could happen but it has happened.


I also read that the ceramic pads are really harsh on the rotors and could possibly start corrosion considering there big money I'd say that nobody wants that to happen but at the same time nobody wants the dust all over the place.


So what is the happy medium when choosing a set of pads for these Calipers on these heavy Trucks

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I ran them on my old SS with hawk ceramic pads and didn't didn't notice any braking improvement. They were quiet and clean, but not worth it to be eating rotors. I have oem pads this time and plan to run them. Most single pads are race oriented and take a bit to heat up and start working good based on the compound obviously. They are ideal though if we could find a semi quiet pad. Don't wanna sound like a dump truck lol, but I don't mind the dust so much.

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Ceramic pads do not wear rotors faster than semi-metallics; this is simply not true - exactly the opposite. Semi-metallic pads, especially the more aggressive ones, will wear the rotors faster.

If there's a downside to consider with ceramics, it's that -generally speaking- they don't stop as well as semi-metallics. That's the trade-off for the very low dust you get from ceramics. Again though that's a very general statement and will vary depending on the compounds chosen.


For example, I replaced some whatever-brand semi-metallics on my SRT8 (a 4400lb car) with Wagner ceramics and actually improved the braking, because the old pads were apparently some cheesy junk that got put on there when the previous owner didn't want to cash up for genuine Brembo pads. Now those Brembo pads are pretty stout for stopping but they do eat the rotors and do make tons of dust.



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If you don't mind me asking We're are you getting rotors from I posted to the Z06 how to but am having a hard time trying to find rotors the part numbers give appear to be for rotor replacement for two price style unless reading it wrong I looked on summit

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The new style brackets are running 15" rotors if you get any part numbers will you post them up curious if they changed numbers. Or are the numbers still 6910962 & 6920962



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