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22x9 Centerline Rapid Wheels with 285/45/22 Toyos


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Set of 4 22 x 9 Centerline Rapid Forged wheels. From what I can find, these are no longer produced. I have had them on my 2003 Silverado SS for years now, but they have NEVER been in Rain, Salt, etc. The truck only has 13k miles. As a matter of fat, they have never even been wet.


I am looking to possibly sell them, but do not need to give them away. These are light weight wheels that weigh about 35 lbs. each for a 22". Tires only have a couple thousand miles and wheels are perfect. Zero marks, curb rash, anything. These are the polished version so they will never rust. Just need to hit them with some metal polish once a year or so.


Anyone have any Idea what they are worth? Thanks.


I live in Eastern PA, I am not interested in packing these to ship, so please be within driving distance if interested. Selling as set of 4 wheels and tires. WILL NOT BREAK UP.



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Nice wheels. GLWS.


What are you going to replace them with?


I have a couple ideas, but not sure yet.

Good luck with your sale.. nice wheels... I'd be interested if you were in the Denver area

If you are interested, pm me an offer. I might end up sticking with 22's and will keep the tires and ship the wheels.

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lol there goes another one... nobody said it was just the wheels.Diped and drowned. Everyone has an opinion.lol


Don't get all butt hurt. We're trying to educate. Neither Richard's nor my post was meant as an attack on you.


There are a lot of helpful brothers around here if your just cool enough to get along.

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