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Couple issues


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First looks like my CV joints are needing replaced. Have some play in the wheels more so on the passenger side! So figured I'd check the lugs and oil and I'd grease up the front end. My dipstick won't go back in all the way.


Any suggestions on the dip stick?

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I would bet money its the hubs... VERY common. I wouldn't change the CV's you going to get some part store crap rebuild with junk china parts. Keep the nice GM ones until they actually fail.... just my 2 cents. Easiest way to tell if hub is bad, jack up wheel end. If there is ANY play the hub is bad (just grab top and bottom of tire and if you feel any play its bad). If I recall you need a GIANT socket and shop air to get the spindle nut off....

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Yes play in the wheel! OK Thanks......I have Moog hubs waiting for me at Pep Boys. They wanted $175 I found them on summit and they matched the price $125 each.

I usually like to use GM parts if at all possible! Thanks very much for your replies!!!!

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