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Detune? Lower Octane? Assistance Please...

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Hey All, chubbyoldguy here again. I haven't visited here in quite some time. Been busy trying to locate an engine for our Saturn Vue PLUS I put my 2006 Silverado SS up for sale. It didn't sell because I put the truck up for sale at "my price" which is higher than book price and I had people telling me there is nothing special about the truck and offered me 8K less than I was willing to sell for. My point is I own the truck, I live in the "GOOD OLD US OF A" and I have the right to sell it for what I want, not what the buyer wants. If one thinks I have over priced the truck then feel free to go buy one at your price. Simple isn't it? I thought so.

So my questions are, what would be the results of using lower octane gas in it? Or can the truck be detuned to accept regular gas?

I'm just curious. Any legitimate thoughts?

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The computer will adjust to the fuel you use. While premium is "recommended " you can run 89 or 87 safely. The computer will reduce timing. I have experimented with running 87.... filling every other time with 89 and 91 and straight 91. Fuel mileage was virtually identical. I manually compute so I know. The only thing i noticed on really hot days (which we get a lot of in the south) was pinging when I accelerated hard. For me the gas pedal is like an on / off switch so 99% of the time I run premium. I didn't like the pinging and run it hard. Another benefit of living in the south is CHEAP gas.... I would run premium if you plan on towing or plan to run hard otherwise you can get away with a lower grade.

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OK, I see your points but if you're not driving hard (which is difficult) And not towing I guess for everyday driving its kind of OK to do.

Mine has only 46,000 miles on it and I would LOVE to keep it but with premium costs 50-60 cents per gallon higher its hard to do.

But then again if I can't justify the cost then I shouldn't drive it or even own it. Let's see if I can post a pic of it.

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