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I bought a new project


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I picked this up this weekend.... GMC XUV. I got a good deal on it but the front end is a little buggered up. I got most the parts to fix it this weekend. I used to flip s-trucks and took the last few years off, I would find ones with mechanical issues and fix them. This is the first one with body damage and am learning quickly... my wife jokes this is the first one I brought home that runs and drives.


I towed it home with the SS, this is the heaviest vehicle I've had on the back so far. Truck did good but a few times going up hill I could tell it was wheezing a little.



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Yeah the trailer is a little over kill. It's a heavy duty trailer it weighs almost 2,000 pounds. I used to call on a dealer who sold trailers when I was in Iowa and he sold me at cost.... I couldn't say no. With a car on it it's fine but that big SUV was a bit strained. Actually truck did really good considering al the weight. Probably do better with weight distribution bars....

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