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Is this for real?!?!?


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I don't think so, the picture has been around a while. It does look like the truck has a 3/5ish drop on it already. The wheels are ck162, which have been out since the body. I would expect SS specific wheels, and of course badging, etc. Maybe it is real, but doubtful.


1. What is the graphic on the passenger side door?

2. It looks like the LTZ badge was just moved to the other side of the grille.

3. Why would they put Silverado lettering on the doors?

4. Side steps?

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Why make a new all-aluminum body and use the same tooling/design of the existing one? Nah...


Among other cues, I'd say it's just another one of those B.S. stories designed to drive clicks to some lame automotive website so they can get ad money.



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As the pres would say...... FAKE NEWS.


There was an article in Automotive News (an industry publication I read) that people create fake cars just to get you to click on ads. It creates consumer confusion as people will come into showrooms looking for a vehicle that doesn't exist.....

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Yeah, I was hoping for some reality. But I think you guys are correct. Maybe GM will get their head out of the darkness one day and figure out how to build a hp truck that’s not only marketable but trend setting. They should build one that sets the standard and quit trying to match existing competitors trucks. When you have the best in the field, people will pay the price. When you are at the middle of the pack at best, they turn away.



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