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New member, long time SSS enthusiast


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Hey SS truck community, I've been an active member on Facebook silveradoss.com page but have recently left Facebook and the only thing I miss about it is the silveradoSS feed.


I purchased my first Silverado SS in 2013, 2003 Victory Red.. absolutely loved that truck but the Michigan roads really took their toll on it and I ended up selling it with 170k miles instead of repairing all the rust. I Purchased a 2009 G8 GT, great car, smooth, quick and very roomy. However, I never stopped missing my old SS truck.


It took me 7 months but in May I found the perfect SS truck for me. 2003 Silverado SS, black and only 76k miles from Missouri and it has Zero rust. This truck was 100% original and in great shape. Since may, I've added an App radio, drilled and slotted rotors, long tube headers, x-pipe and Borla XR1 mufflers. I ended up removing and selling the headers because I didn't like the sound from inside the cab.


I look forward to making new friends in this great community. Seriously, I've been part of the LS1 f-body, Gtp, and G8 communities on the web and this one is the greatest. G8 is the worst.. just saying.


Will post pics when I figure out how to shrink them down to size.

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Cheap daily driver. Garage the SSS.


This!!! I'm sure you already know it but if you drive that poor truck on those salty roads it's not gonna last.


it sucks to drive boring cars but get you a throwdown for the salt to eat. Honda, Toyota, whatever; do what you can to help it last like blasting the underside at the car wash regularly, so it lasts you as many bad seasons as it can - preventing you from ending up driving your nice rust-free SS on that mess.



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