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Dash suddenly changes displays


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I always keep my display screen rotated through so it's "off" or not showing. While driving the display screen (miles, mileage, trip, etc) will randomly pop up one of the settings such as Miles, or Language selector, or business trip. At certain times it will change the language to French or Spanish; thank goodness I took four years of French and I know some Spanish so I can switch it back.


Anyone know why this happens? Fixes?


Truck is 100% stock. 2003 with 57,000 miles.


Thank you

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I am not touching the buttons at all. It doesn't do it only on turns. Sometimes when I hit bumps and other times when I'm driving on the flattest roads. today it didn't do it at all on the way to work...

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The clockspring is the unit that handles the electrical in the steering wheel.
Airbag, horn, steering wheel buttons and the electrical for those, runs through the clockspring.

It is a ribbon of wiring that spools out and back in when you turn.
It is about $250-$300 and if installed wrong, you can destroy it with the turn of the steering wheel, but can be done if you follow the proper procedures for the install.


Is your airbag light on? Does the light go out after start up?
If the airbag light isn't on, then the short may be isolated to the steering wheel switch and it may be possible to just live with it.
But, be aware that it will eventually start to fail in other things.
If the airbag light comes on and stays on, then you'll want to have the clockspring taken care of.

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That is great to hear SSmoothSilSS. I am planning on sending my cluster away as soon as I get my 59 Bel Air completed (this month) so I can daily that for a bit.


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Well I sent my dash away to Steve. (still not done with my 59 but I was tired of waiting).

He said there was a short in my dash's electronic "something" and it would require new. It would fix the rolling of the info. Now I'm just waiting to hear back on when it's done and send more money for those parts.

Can't wait to know how fast i'm going and how much gas is in my truck. I just keep filling it up every 4-5 days.

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Thats good news, mine has had a couple of times the gauges didn't work. This is a grounding issue not a gauge issue. So I added more grounding strap from the negative post to the engine block. And this summer I will clean up all the grounding frame connections.

Post some pic of the 59.

I'm doing a 68 charger. I'll try to post some pics.

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