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Craziest Trans Problem Ever!! Need Help Please!!

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Hey Guys,

04 SS with 175,000

My trans has been giving me problems the last two weeks. When I start the truck, reverse works fine, but when I put it in drive, rpms go up and truck doesnt move. A couple times I put it in reverse again, then drive and it caught,but not every time.

Here is crazy part. I can put it in 1 and it drives fine! Only way I could get home is to go from park to 1, then 2, then 3, then drive. If the car stops at a light, I put it back in 1 and start over.


I dropped the pan and replaced 6 qts of Dex6 and a new filter. Problem still there. There was not metal lakes or any burned smell in the fluid, just a little dark red.


I searched high and low on Youtube and asked everyone I know that has ever used a screw driver, but not luck.If it was a broken gear or band, then there is no way the truck would run is 1, correct? Also, when I put it in drive, it doesnt roll backwards or forwards like if it was in neutral or 1st gear. Strange right!?!


Please help!! Any help or ideas before I drop $1,000 to rebuild the trans would be very much apprciated.

Thank you for reading this and any help you have

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With that many miles it just worn out. It could be a bunch of things..... as mentioned above any codes or check engine light? Even if light isnt on you can scan chances are it has a code for something.

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I am not a tranny expert, but I watched mine being built. I believe there is a separate clutch pack for your 1,2,3, and reverse gear. It's called lo/rev clutch pack and it's in the rear of the tranny. Your drive section is towards the front. So it sounds like you are using that to get moving and your main forward/drive pack is probably toast and needs a rebuild.

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