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Steering wheel switch bulbs?

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A stupid amount of mine are burned out, but the switches themselves are still in excellent shape - no paint rubbed off.


Anybody know the correct bulb # I can get to fix these with? I'm handy with the soldering iron, so no problem there.


I've got some bulbs for the cluster but it looks like the angled position of the wires on the base makes them not really suitable for the switch bulbs, which have the leads coming straight across horizontally on the base.


EDIT...dumbass me shoulda searched first. Found the 3 pager with some info - http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/56992-5-steering-wheel-control-light-fix/


Cliff notes: someone said Radio Shack part # 272-1154 50ma 12V bulbs, someone else said # 272-1092 60ma 12V fit better, replicating that here for future searches.


It should also be noted the 60ma bulbs are rated at a 10K hour life, while the 50ma are only 5K hour life rating.




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They still sell some stuff online but I think supplies are getting thin. I wanted to get some extra bulbs for fixing my climate control too, so I just ordered 20 similar bulbs off Amazon; will post back with that info if they turn out to be suitable for the applications.


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OK, the bulbs from Amazon were the exact right ones for both the steering wheel switches and the digital A/C control, though on the A/C you gotta carefully remove the blue bulb covers (almost impossible, but I managed somehow) and not destroy the really brittle little plastic bases under them. You can put the new bulbs in without the bases, but they stand up straighter, easier, with them. You can buy new covers, too, which is probably the best way to go but I managed to save mine.


The bulbs were described by the seller as: "CEC Industries 7219 Bulbs, 12 V, 0.72 W, Wire Terminal Base, T-1 shape" - got 'em today and whupped out the soldering iron.




As most people have experienced, getting the lower steering wheel switches re-connected was a real pain; I used a 90 degree pick to hook behind the connector and hold it in place while stabbing the switch back on, then pulling forward with the pick to seat the connector. Took a few tries but worked better than any other method I saw.




Figured it was a decent gamble they were the same bulbs for the A/C controls so I popped it out too. Replaced those and pulled the cluster to do some bulbs in it as well since I had them on hand from the stepper kit I recently got. All bulbs working! (for now!)





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