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What’s left of my input shaft. Pic may be disturbing.

Blown 346

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Finally got my truck back after a month of having the trans built and getting a custom Billet input shaft made. Anywhere the trans builder looked the shafts were rated to 1000HP at the flywheel. My truck makes 1010 on 14 psi. $3,400 later after having the entire trans re done and built for the track, I hope I dont have this issue again.


Snapped clean off without even a burr.


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I'm no engineer or stress failure analyst or anything of the kind...


But it doesn't seem terribly coincidental that it failed where it did. Maybe it's a weakness inherent in the spot where it's cut down for what, a snap ring, or...?



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This was the stock one,lol. The builder who said he built the trans (I wont say names as he is known here) the old owner spent $5,000 on it to have the best of the best and he only got a shift kit put into it.


Input shafts almost always break at this point due to where the pump and convertor meet.

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