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Braided transmission lines

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Hey I have an 03 Silverado SS. 2 of the transmission lines (one from the passenger side of the trans to the lower radiator and the other from the passenger side of the trans to the top passenger side of the  B&M auxiliary cooler) have rotted out. Has anyone came up with a braided kit? The one line has 2 quick connects and the other has one quick connect and one threaded connection that goes into the B&M cooler. I went to advanced auto and they don’t sell the lines I need. It was so hard to get the old ones out I figured braided lines would snake through everything way better. If anyone can post up a kit or atleast specs for what the fittings going into the trans are so I can match them up I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance. 

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I have this kit installed on my SS. but this braided line kit is are designed exclusively for the Tru-Cool 40K Transmission. I do not know if this link will help you out.



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I was going to make my own as my trans is out now for a rebuild, But that Glen's kit is about what I'd spend doing it myself, so I'll go that route. 

On 5/9/2021 at 11:38 PM, twiztidss said:

I ended up just making all my own lines out of braided line and connections. Way easier to plumb in over the prebent lines. Thanks for the help. This forum is pretty dead these days :( 

Yeah with FB, it seems the days of pages like this are in the past unfortunately

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