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Hoovies Garage got a Silverado SS! Build coming…!


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How’s everyone doing!? I was absolutely blown away when I checked out the new videos on Hoovies Garage , YouTube the other day and he got a black 2005 Silverado SS AWD for like 5k! Came from a east coast person who bought it to restore or customize and financially was unable too so he sold it to Hoovie for a deal. They did a quick check out at his mechanic shop and it’s not in bad shape so they said that they want to make it a project for their YouTube channel and make it fast and supercharge it in such. 

I was so unbelievably excited when I seen that video and heard them talking about a truck that I have been in love with for almost 20 years! I still will look at mine and say out loud “wow that’s the most beautiful truck GM has ever made still to their date. My heart still will skip a beat or a few everyone I see one driving or a picture even. Was glad to see the one me they got is nice. I feel like if Hoovie gets deep into the production info and numbers here and sees how rare some combos are, it will hopefully effect the value positively in the future. With markets crazy all over who knows. 

Anyone watch these videos or follow Hoovie? Anyone have thoughts on this? 


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