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Belt question


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I have a K061098 belt (thats 109 inches and 8/10ths)for my truck and whipple, i need a new belt and want to get one of those goodyear gatorbacks, but the only size i can get is a 108 or a 110... would going to the 108 be too small?



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How much play is there in the belt you have?  You have a 110 belt now.


I would think a 2" jump to 108 would be way too much, unless you were doing something else, like changing pulleys.  Even then, that may be pushing it.


Thing is i don't really know yet, i haven't put it on... the ribs have little cracks in them like the rubbber has dried out when u bend it so i figured it was time to get a new one before i even put it on. I did go down a pully size, but only a 1/4 inch, nothing major....



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