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CTS-V Project Car


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I have seen some folks here yearning for a CTS-V and thought this link might be of interest:


More Performance, Inc.


Scroll down to the bottom and check it out--this car is also featured on MagnaCharger's website.


These guys did a great job on my CAI, exhaust, and Radix install. Looks like they've put together one sick Caddy.



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I've been kicking around the idea on doing a CTS-V for my next ride....


I've got my buddy over at Speed Inc trying to sell me his 427/C5R motor out of their shop car...


It made over 920RWHP.......... :D



How much N20 was on that beeahch? :crazy:


I looks like he sold the Turbo system, I can get the motor still.... :dunno:


GT88 Turbo........turbosize.jpg




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