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Hello All,


I saw a red SS about two and a half weeks ago and from that day couldn't get it out of my head :eek:


So last week I picked up my Black SS :D And I've been turning heads ever since!


My question is: Has anyone tinted there windows yet? And, if so what grade did you use?


Thanks in Advance

Seven :cool:

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I've got 3M 5% on all five of my 01 windows. Of course the driver and passenger doors are illegal, but I have had no problems with the law. I have been stopped a couple times for other moving violations and the tint has come up in conversation with just a warning and a request to have it taken off. I have heard the horror stories of police stripping it off of the windows right there on the side of the road, but if you're cool with the law enforcement and give them the respect that they deserve for what they have to put up with daily, they usually return the favor and hand out warnings.


As far as getting the vehicle inspected, I've got a couple of friends who have their own state inspection businesses, but have found out with other cars that I've owned with mods (cut-out catalytic converters and the such), that most out-of-the-way small towns usually have some inspector that lets the local farmer with his beater pass, won't give you much trouble.


That's just my experience with tint.


And check it out Lee, no smilies.

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Hey, Tinted my windows last week-looks great. Keep in mind the reason that you bought an SS is to get noticed, just dont give the cops another reason to be noticed by going too dark. The interior is a dark charcoal which already gives you a background which is dark. The tint guy let me know that, and tinted accordingly.

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