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  1. Hit up the Facebook SS site too bro seems to be more people on there then on here.
  2. man that is AWESOME to hear, yeah I remember saying a few prayers for you back then bro...
  3. I got close before trading it in back in Dec 2017 had it since Feb 2008, got to 188k and was still clean and ran like a champ, it’s just we needed more room for the family so got a 14 High Country crew cab
  4. Cool to see you back on, how’s your health? Hope all is well.
  5. Nope not at all, lots of guys have moved on.
  6. Nice plate man, I’ve thought about getting personalized plates.
  7. Muggs

    SS wheels

    Center caps emblems kinda looks like corvette flags to me
  8. Its not a bad looking truck thats for sure. A lot of guys are putting the 06-07 front ends on there trucks now, I like my 03 front end.
  9. Welcome and congrats on the SSS
  10. Nice find man and rare LMFAO!!
  11. Welcome aboard bud, nice color SS you have
  12. Now that’s a funny story, did you hold a straight face when he was talking to you lol
  13. I sold mine for 100 bucks back in the day when I got my cowl hood.
  14. Happy for you she's fixed John
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