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  1. Congrats man, the new trucks are nice!
  2. Clean looking truck, any bites yet?
  3. Glad to hear you guys didn't get so bad that's great news
  4. I agree with Richard would be cool to see someone fix it instead of parting it out!
  5. That's awesome, better keep that job
  6. so glad we're not near the coast Harvey is no joke, hope the recovery is fast for all involved.
  7. GLWS not many left with this low of mileage!
  8. Dude that's awesome happy your back in the SSS game lol congrats brother!!
  9. Those are nice and look great on your truck, but GLWS bro
  10. Mine came off too, so I just painted it black and left the rest the stock color
  11. Welcome from Texas, glad to hear you got another SSS congrats!
  12. Welcome to the site.....nice color!!!
  13. This is something I've been dragging my feet on, need to do mine too.
  14. Muggs

    new to me :>)

    Congrats on the new to you SSS
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