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i am just livid

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i hate gaylords covers!!!! what a joke! none of the bracket holes lined up and i had to drill them all out, and the bolts some are too small and the others are too long. the fit on those is so horrible...and if you lose a bolt or somehting your screwed cause theirs no extras in the kit......im so pissed right now :mad:

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That's why I choose to pay someone else to do those kinds of things. Things can get so out of hand when I'm working on something, especially if things aren't going well. On top of that, I probably end up taking some of it out on my fiance and that is not fair to her at all. I forgot how much I paid to have my cover installed, but it was well worth it!


Good luck on the rest of the installation! :thumbs:


Late- Alex

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i also have the gaylord<-- :crackup: x2000 cover and it has the carpet kit, looks like they fit well but i didnt install it. I wonder if they did send you the wrong stuff that sucks when that kind of crap happens espeacially when you forked out a nice chunk-a-change.hopefully things work out.

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