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If some ice doesn't work, and you can remove the carpet (so if not the big carpet, but a small thing) put it in the refrigerator for a night. Tomorrow morning it comes off like nothing.. :)


good luck




do not use any chemical things...

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one of my previous jobs was cleaning cars and i found using brake clean with a high alcahol content works great. you know, the highly flamable kinda that if you spray something makes it very cold. i've found denco brand works the best. anyway, spray the spot pretty well with brake cleaner and the gum should just pull right up. it will pretty much freeze the gum taking away it's stickyness. works like a charm and the right kind won't stain the carpet either. :thumbs:

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You could also get one of those air in a can things and flip it upside down when you shoot it at the gum. All the CO2 will come out freezing as hell and that should freeze it instantly. The can will get cold as hell, wear a glove or somthing.



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The air in a can thing works great, i actually used dust off for a computer because couldnt think of anything else at the moment. Just shake it up real well and turn it upside down so its practically nitrogen and it will freeze it and you can pull it right off.


I do like the idea of makin your girl chew it off tho :crackup:

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