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Weight of 04 Silverado SS


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Mine does have the trailer towing package. I actually towed my gf's mustang to the track, unhitched, and went :) I also left the trailer ball (around 10 lbs) on when I went down the track. Other than that we have the same options though. I would say the hitch weighs around 100 lbs *guesstimate* Hope this helps



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what about a county landfill? you could get weighed there.

I think DaGeorge has the best idea. Any landfill or junk yard that deals in scap metal should have a scale you could use. I'm not sure of the increment, but it should be close. I'm having to do the same thing to setup my gtech pro rr. Gtech has a formula but it's not the best. Mine is sotck also and I have the weight set at 5680 lbs based on the gtech formula. I would say I'm closer to 5493 lbs using Big O's first post. Gtech times won't be affected by the weight only HP/TQ read outs which aren't the best. Good luck :thumbs:

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