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Pops new garage


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I thought I would put some pictures up of the garage the me and company that I work for are building for my dad. 12 car garage, 3,000 sq. ft., four 8 1/2 ft stalls and two 10 1/2ft, bathroom with toilet and shower and it will also have a lift. Will post more pictures when we progress a little more (only me and one other guys working on it right now :banghead: ).











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That is one sweet shop...I can't wait till I have something that nice...someday..

thankx for sharing that with us


Ya, I can't wait either... I just bought 2.5 acres last april. My dad has a construction company and I worked for him for almost 8 years. When I finish school I'm gonna build a place... and they let you have a 30x40 garage. I can't wait!!!

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daym that is huge ! nice work i cant wait to see it finished. What will he be parking in there?


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