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worn paint


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Who touches the radio??? :confused:


I would think that would be wear and tear and not covered under the warranty, much like an oil change or replacing tires. Then again, what do I know. Call up the dealer and ask, then let us know.


Late- Alex

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Any one have this?  My truck has 17,000 miles on it, and the paint is starting to get worn on the radio nobs.  Most wear is around the edges.  Just wondering if it would be covered under warrenty? :dunno:


My SS is ok, but on my 03 Duramax 2500 the the volume knob is all messed up. At night is when you really notice it. The whole face of the button glows in the dark. It's a work truck though, It's the last thing I'm worried about with it. If it was the SS I would have already been to the dealer!!!

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STOP WEARING SCENTED HAND LOTION!!! i'm a drive and trim technician at a chevy dealer.... we tend to warrenty that kind of thing without a second look... i have found that the paint used on the buttons is NOT "scented-hand-lotion-friendly" which is the cause for pre-mature wear on those buttons

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