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Fnally some good pics...

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The weather around here lately has pretty much kept me from washing my truck for about a month. :banghead:


Since the weather was nice yesterday I dedicated 7 hours of it to a COMPLETE detail job inside and out: 2 stage strip wash, 2 passes w/ clay, 2 coats of polish w/ buffer, 4 coats of acrylic sealer, conditioned the leather, vaccumed, shampooed and extracted the carpet, siliconed interior plastic, pressure washed the wheel wells and tire sidewalls, siliconed the tires, buffed the rims, steamed undercarrige & engine, teflon treated the glass, had a couple beers and passed out from exhaustion! :crazy:


After that benig done today (easter sunday) turned out to be a great day to cruise before doing the family stuff. :driving:


Heres the long awaited pictures of my filled rollpan install as well as some shots of one VERY clean Red SS:










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looks good, Hey dylan where you on the 10 freeway going east yesterday?

If it was around 6:30-7:00pm then it was me... otherwise no because I was in the garage buffing the truck.


Lookin good Dylan.  :thumbs:


If I sent you a plane ticket, would you come do mine?



Why not just crate up your truck and send it to me? :jester:

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